Swedish:  The typical style of massage practiced in the west, providing the foundation for many advanced forms of treatment massage. The main emphasis during a Swedish massage is relaxation. As with any style of massage the pressure is suited to your needs. I typically work at a medium level; it is not light and fluffy however I rarely rely on the ‘no pain, no gain’ model. Great for reducing aches and pains, relieving stress, increasing circulation, promoting relaxation and increasing clarity.

Thai Massage: Often called ‘lazy man’s yoga’, Thai Massage, is a unique and specif form of body work that is performed on a natural fiber man in loose clothing. Thai massage uses a rhythmic sequence of stretches and massage that work to increase flexibility, circulation, and ‘lom’ (similar to prana, qi, or vial life energy). Great for athletes, sore muscles and stiff joints!

Aromatherapy: Olfaction, better known as the sense of smell, has the ability to deeply effect us. Although scent is often viewed as less valuable than vision or hearing it influences our cravings, moods and cognition (particularly memory)  throughout the day. I use therapeutic grade essential oils from Simplers, Elizabeth Van Buren, DoTerra and our very own Tumalo Lavender.

Oncology/Cancer Massage: Massage is becoming widely recommended as a complementary therapy for people undergoing treatment for cancer. The body of research is also growing that shows the many benefits. I hold a Certificate of Completion in ‘Massage for People Living with Cancer’ and currently volunteer at St. Charles in the Infusion Room offering foot massage. Each session is tailored to your needs and will vary in length and intensity based on your needs that day. Brief phone interview required prior to first appointment.  Home visits available. I look forward to providing a safe and restoring space

***If you are currently undergoing treatment OR have received treatment for cancer at any point in your life it is very important to inform you massage therapist. Please speak up so proper adjustments can be made.

Single Massage:
60 Minute Massage: $65.00
90 Minute Massage: $95.00

»»» First Time Client: 60 Minutes for $50.00

»»» Referral: Refer a friend and both receive $15.00 off

»»» Senior/Student/Military Discount: 10% off

60 Minute Packages:
Package of 4: $220
Package of 8: $416

90 Minute Packages:
Package of 4: $323
Package of 8: $608

Cash or check preferred. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex accepted.



I understand that life happens and changes quickly. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment please give me as much notice as possible and I will do the same for you. Cancellations within 24-hours of the appointment will be billed at 50%.  Arriving late will deduct time for your massage so please arrive on time or early. If arriving 15 minutes past the appointment time I reserve the right to cancel the appointment and bill at 50%.