The metamorphosis of late summer | moving location to 2100 NE Neff Road, Suite B.

Late Summer is short and a time of intense change. This could not be truer for my practice and myself. After 10 months in the O’Kane building I am packing up and moving to a new space near the hospital. Although I will miss the mystique of the O’Kane building I am very excited to be moving to a more professional space (so quiet and cozy) and joining forces with two estheticians and two acupuncturists. I am looking forward to offering spa like treatments when pairing with Shelly Hopple and focusing more on treatment when working with Ashley Hazdra. We will open the new space October 1stand will have a grand opening shortly there after. Until then, I will be working out of the O’Kane Building, enjoying the pin oak out the window and the sounds of downtown. Please join me in this transition! Come enjoy one last massage at the charming and historic O’Kane building and I will give you a gift certificate for a free massage at my new space located at 2100 NE Neff Road, Suite B. Only condition will be that you need to schedule the second massage in the month of October. Take sometime to slow down and digest the summer as we approach the colder months!

Also, since I have your attention, Shelly and I are running a coupon on the DoLocalDeals site for a facial and massage for $100.00. I have recently received a number of treatments from her and thay are sublime! She is knowledgeable, creates a very relaxing environment and uses organic products that are mainly composed of plant extracts. Please follow the link below for more information and thank you for you time!

$100.00 for a 50-Minute Custome Facial PLUS a 1- Hour Fully Body Massage with Revive Skin Services

Thank you and happy seasons change!

Sarah Rajnus, BS, LMT #18366

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