Clear your head of sinus congestion

Follow this video to help clear your head and face of congestion during cold season.


The Power of Turmeric!

The Power of Turmeric!

I found Turmeric Essential Oil from Mt. Rose Herbs over in Eugene and I am so excited to have it on hand to help clients with soar muscles and joints. Researching salve recipes to help with inflammation and pain, soon there will be Sunjar Salves!

Easing Neck Pain: MedlinePlus Health News Video

Easing Neck Pain: MedlinePlus Health News Video.

3 times a week would be fabulous but not always realistic.  When treating an acute flare-up or  breaking a chronic pain cycle 1 massage a week is typically enough, although sometimes coming in twice a week for a few weeks can really give us the leverage needed to keep pain and tension and bay. Usually after 4 – 6 weeks of once weekly massage we can go to every 2-4 weeks.  Free your fascia, change your holding patterns, you can live pain free and increase your quality of life! Massage can help!