The beauty of stillness

The beauty of stillness

As Edward Abbey said, we “rack up state after state in two-week transcontinental motor marathons, knock off one national park after another, take millions of square yards of photographs”…. And for what? We go, we see, we conquer, we think ‘I have to post this cool place and time on Facebook’, reducing our experience and the natural world to yet another material object. In turn, we are never present in the beauty we are capturing; we are simply taking forceful possession of it. What if we used our leisure time differently? What if we slowed down and attended to our basic needs of belonging and esteem, by appreciating the smallness of a ladybug and the magnitude of a storm front from our front yard. And by taking the time to bring richness to our basic needs we feel deeply satiated, bringing self-actualization to our doorstep.

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